By Wangs Kitchen Updated 24-05-2023

Wangs Kitchen
Now Bringing the Party Home

Fun & Feast Mode On - Introducing Friends & Family Combo Packs

In today's fast-paced world, it is quite challenging to gather friends and family for a weekend party or casual dinner outing. Worry not as Wangs Kitchen ensures that you don’t miss out on enjoying the bliss of togetherness. With Wangs Kitchen, unleash the magic of Friends and Family Combo Packs and bask in quality time with your beloved.

Co-creating (F)Good Memories At Your Convenience

Picture this. Your bunch of friends or beloved family engaged in endless conversations while indulging in a delicious assortment of food packs that savour to everyone. Everything is in the comfort of your home. Pure bliss, isn’t it?

Order your food Packs & Savor your Moments with your Beloved

At Wangs Kitchen, we are aware that food brings people together. If you are in an idea about hosting a weekend party or a casual get-together with your near and dear, let Wangs Kitchen handle your feast. Yes!! Wangs Kitchen provides a wonderful alternative to bringing the dining experience to your doorstep.

Let go of the burden of rushed cooking and endless dishwashing. Instead, embrace the ease of ordering Wangs’ Family and Friends Food combo packs. Enjoy the reunion and savour the precious moments without worrying about the feast.

Order now via Zomato / Swiggy for Friends and Family Combo Packs delivered to your doorstep


Good Friends & Good Food makes the Best Pair

Apart from providing convenience, Friends & Family Combo Packs prove to be budget-friendly too. When you are with your friends and running on a tight wallet, you can still indulge in the good food that you crave. Limited pocket money doesn’t mean you should limit your cravings. Remember the legendary technique “split and share” as you always do. Wangs Kitchen’s Friends Combo pack keeps both your taste buds and the budget happy.

Not just for your friends and family, these combo packs are a great deal for your office people too. For team lunches or a mini birthday party, Wangs Kitchen ensures that your feast plan is on without breaking the bank.

Wangs Kitchen brings together flavorful culinary experiences and convenience via the launch of Friends and Family Combo Packs. Curated to delight both non-vegetarian and vegetarian enthusiasts, the Family and Friends combo pack (online order only) has an array of delectable dishes that include Wangs signature dishes as well.

You can now ORDER your perfect combo tailored to your preferences available at the best price (not available for dine-in customers).

Right from heartwarming hot & sour soups (veg and non Veg) to scrumptious stir fry hakka noodles (veg and non-veg), our combo packs promise to deliver a similar experience of feasting at the restaurant itself. Along with the combo, you will get to relish our signature dishes like Kung po chicken, Chilly paneer, Wangs Classic Noodles and you name it.

At Wangs Kirchen, delighting your Family and friends with flavorful food has always been our ultimate wish. What are you waiting for? Have your squad around and savour our great spread of food without having to go through the hassle of rushed cooking or making table reservations. Order now via Zomato / Swiggy and have the fantastic Friends and Family Combo Packs delivered to your doorstep.