By Wangs Kitchen Updated 20-04-2023

Wangs Kitchen - Bringing Back The Good Old Days @ Alwarpet Now

A Delightful Trip Down Memory Lane

Dear Chennai Folks!! Get ready to embark on an unforgettable culinary journey as Wangs Kitchen, people’s favorite Indo-Chinese Culinary Spot has established its latest outlet In Alwarpet.

Wangs’ Kitchen @ TTK Road, Alwarpet was inaugurated with a bang on the 8th of March by the most popular VJ and Public Speaking Coach VJ Paloma and Chennai’s famous influencer Farhana Suhail who is affectionately known by her Instagram handle name @newtochennai.

Tantalizing Your Tastebuds with a Touch of Nostalgia!!

Let us take you on a trip of nostalgia. Visualize this. Rewind a couple of decades ago. It’s 7 PM, Friday night. Your dad arrives home and suggests “Let's go out for dinner” and your excitement spikes up in a jiffy. And to break up the usual routine, your dad offers to take your family to a restaurant that serves something unique, instead of the usual one you go to. That would make you curious, wouldn’t it?

Entering the restaurant, you are fascinated by the colorful décor in the dim light and the mixed aroma of the dishes being cooked. And with the menu, you are excited about the not-so-familiar names of dishes. Served with a warm bowl of soup, saucy noodles, or juicy chicken wings, you relish every sip and bite with so much joy like a cute panda. What a wonderful sensation that had to be. The memories of those excitement-filled meal experiences faded with time. But, what if we told you that we can bring those experiences back to life??

Nestled in the bustling neighborhood of Alwarpet, Wangs’ Kitchen’s newly relaunched outlet offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that provides a perfect fit for indulging in the taste of nostalgia. Isn’t it a classic comeback folks??

With the blend of Indo-Chinese retro décor, soothing music, and friendly staff, Wangs' Kitchen Alwarpet is all set to take you back to the time when things were simpler and more pleasant. At Wangs Kitchen, indulge in lip-smacking & authentic Indo-Chinese dishes while basking in the nostalgic vibes.

As you are all aware, Wangs Kitchen is best known for its fusion menu. Our chefs masterfully blend Classic Chinese Cuisines with Bold and Aromatic Indian Spices to create truly unique culinary experiences. Although it is a relaunch, at Wangs Kitchen we choose not to forget our roots and have stuck to our core value of using only fresh and authentic ingredients.

Now to spread some extra love, we have revamped our menu to bring you dishes with a burst of not just flavors but the finest memories of the good old days. Our culinary experts have gone the extra mile to revive the taste and flavors of the good old times. From our sizzling hot chicken soup to slurpy noodles, every dish at Wangs Kitchen has been crafted to leave a lasting impression on you and be cherished as a food memoir.

Our menu is all about an explosion of bold spices, intricate flavors, and just the perfect kick of heat to electrify your taste buds. Get ready to dig in some classics like Spicy Dragon Chicken, Thai Curry Momos, Juicy Chicken Lollipops, and many more to treat your taste buds.

Whether you are dining with your family or a bunch of foodie friends, Wangs Kitchen will be your ultimate choice of dining space where you can re-live your olden golden days. Come over and indulge in our fusion delicacies that fill your tummy as well as your heart with pure nostalgic vibes.