By Wangs Kitchen Updated 26-04-2023

10 Reasons to Visit Wangs Kitchen

Wangs Kitchen - Beyond Just a Meal

It’s no secret that fusion-based cuisines has gained popularity in India over the years and the same is adored by the majority of us for its distinctive taste and flavor. Given the popularity of that kind of variety among foodies, we at Wangs Kitchen have re-opened our outlet in Chennai, Adyar to give you a memorable culinary experience.

Are you ready for some next-level mouthwatering grub?

Visit Wangs Kitchen at Adyar, Chennai, and explore our enticing range of menus. May you relish in the awesomeness of Indo-Chinese cuisine.

If that’s not convincing enough, we have got plenty of other cool reasons why Wangs Kitchen deserves your visit.

1. Experience the Explosion of Flavors.

Our fusion menu is what makes Wangs Kitchen, an exemplary Indo-Chinese restaurant. To foster familiarity, we add an Indian spin to traditional Chinese dishes. We are so unique in our ability to blend the two distinctive cuisines that are popular around the world. Our chefs are so skillful in creating Chinese-inspired dishes that incorporate Indian ingredients. We serve dishes that are crafted with a special concoction of hot, sour, and savory flavors that will awaken your taste buds.

2. Experience wholesomeness with Varied Menu Options

At Wangs , we offer a wide variety of menu that caters to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian enthusiasts. Regardless of dietary preferences, Wangs have something for everyone to relish. Our appetizers include delectable options like Spring Rolls to Thai Curry Momos and the main course features classic Chinese cuisine like Fried rice Hakka Noodles and many more.

Whether you are a vegetarian, Wangs has got you covered with mouth-watering delicacies ranging from Crispy Corn Kernel to Dragon Paneer to Wangs Special braised Mix vegetables. Non-vegetarian enthusiasts, you may go mad over our menu as you have got a good number of choices. From Dragon Chicken to Panko Prawns, everything is served with zesty dipping sauce.

3. Wangs - Where Food Meets Fond Memories

Here is the most compelling reason why Wangs Kitchen is unique and why you must visit. At Wangs Kitchen, it’s not just food that makes us unique from others but the experience. Our dedicated team go above and beyond to offer you a marvelous experience of reliving our old but gold memories.

Practically, as we can’t simply afford a time machine to revisit our good old days, Wangs Kitchen has come back with a sensational theme “Bringing Back Good Old Days”.

The nostalgic ambience and the cooking that is rooted in the old-fashioned way at Wangs Kitchen transport you back to the pleasant days when memories were created over rare dine–outs and enjoyable company. From the vintage décor to soothing music, every element of the restaurant has been carefully crafted to soak you up in nostalgia. So, come on in to relive the old memories with every bite.

4. Spice up Your Food Routine – Bid Bye to Boredom

If you are sick of tasting the same menu every day, it is not a sin to explore a new menu once in a while. Wangs Kitchen could be the right choice if you wish to give your taste buds a change of pace. The aroma of savory spices itself will be a feast to your senses and it will relieve you from the monotony. Embark on a culinary adventure by experimenting with unique recipes. If you are craving something spicy, tangy, or crunchy, you are sure to find something on Wangs’ menu that will satiate your desire.

5. Explore food while enjoying ultimate convenience

To ensure customers' convenience, Wangs Kitchen has enhanced our service by utilizing technology. If you are in no mood to leave home yet want to indulge in good food, we can bring your favorite choice of meal to your doorstep. Wangs Kitchen simplifies things for you. You can make orders via food delivery apps like Zomato /Swiggy.

6. Bringing families together – A Quality Time Assured.

As kids, we all would have loved the experience of dining out together with our families. Passing the plates, sharing the delights, and arguing over the last piece of starters, everything was bliss. Now in the fast-paced lifestyle, we rarely get to meet everyone.

To retain the joy of sharing a meal with the family, at Wangs Kitchen, the dishes will be served in family style where everyone can taste a bit of everything. So whether it is your family get-together, a reunion with your friends, or a date with your beloved, Wangs Kitchen will be your ultimate choice for keeping up the cozy vibe in check.

7. Food made with your health in mind

Ensuring your well-being, Wangs Kitchen’s Indo-Chinese menu mostly incorporates healthy cooking styles like stir-frying and steaming. And there is no compromise in the quality of ingredients as we source only fresh produce with A1 quality. Because at Wangs, we are committed not just to our cuisine but also to our core values.

8. Lightning-Fast Service

Wangs Kitchen being an authentic Indo-Chinese restaurant has a reputation for speedy service too. Be it dine-in or home delivery, food will be served/delivered fresh and hot without taking much of your time. Because we value your time and trust.

9. Wallet-friendly Indulgence

“Good Food; Good Mood” can happen only when the bill doesn’t burn your pockets. At Wangs Kitchen, you can indulge in phenomenal food plus a purely blissful experience of nostalgia without having to break the bank.

10. When you are a die-hard CSK Fan

The last reason may sound funny but we are quite serious about it. If you are a die-hard CSK fan, you can’t simply forego visiting Chennai’s Super-sentimental Kitchen (Read it Wangs Kitchen) for bringing back priceless nostalgia. No excuses will be entertained. We know that you will prove your fandom and so we have your table reserved.

So why are you still thinking?

To spice up your palate and for a heart-warming experience , Visit Wangs Kitchen NOW. Thank us, later.