By Wangs Kitchen Updated 26-04-2023

Fly Back in Time With Wangs Kitchen

Stirring up Nostalgia with Our Signature Dishes

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Back in time, food deliveries to home and the prevalence of fancy food courts were rare to be found. Going out to eat was not an everyday thing which made the experience all the more special.

Hearing the name of a restaurant or inhaling the aroma of a particular dish can evoke a lot of emotions in you. Because food memories are stronger than you imagine. It can transport you back in time. Watching someone cooking a pot of noodles would trigger your memories as a kid when you used to stand near the kitchen counter and observe your mom or dad whipping up the same noodles just the way you like them.

How about this one? You are just passing by your go-to restaurant and you get to smell the aroma of your favorite dish you tasted as a kid often. Is there anything more nostalgic than this? It could possibly bring up your special memories as a teen when you have fancily dressed up, walking into the restaurant with Walkman on just like a rockstar. Just food prep scenes and aroma are more than enough to hit you with strong waves of nostalgia.

Now, imagine savoring your favorite childhood delight with authentic taste & flavor and with the touch of the same old vibe. Doesn’t your heart burst with joy at the very thought? Craving a trip back to those golden moments? Most welcome. Wangs' Kitchen is now in the pursuit of bringing your thoughts to reality. We have rolled out the red carpet and are expecting your arrival to take on the nostalgic culinary journey.

Wangs Kitchen – A place not just to eat but CONNECT.


At Wangs, we value traditions and emotional connections as well. Giving traditional dishes a modern spin has always been our specialty for ages. At Wangs Kitchen, you can now feast on your favorite signature dishes with the same good old vibes. From our tender Dragon Paneer to Classic Fried rice, Wangs Kitchen has recreated the authentic range of Indo-Chinese fusion menu with the same tantalizing aroma to leave you immersed in the flood of (g)old memories.


Indulging our Indo-Chinese menu will be a great way to explore scrumptious flavors with a touch of vintage vibes. Starters can wait. Starting your meal with soups can be a great way to cleanse your palate and prepare your appetite for the upcoming indulgence. At Wangs , Manchow soup and Lemon Coriander Soup are popular among the other kind.

For those who enjoy a bold and spicy taste, Manchow Soup will be a good fit. The broth seasoned with flavorful herbs and spice gives a satisfying feel. The crispy noodles on top of it have been the most enjoyable part. The Lemon Coriander Soup is for those who want to try a lighter and more refreshing drink on a chilly evening. The tangy flavor of the same will awaken your taste buds.

Wangs kitchen’s starters are delightsome and are usually crafted to be bold and flavorful accompanied by a variety of dipping sauces. Crispy Corn is a crowd-pleaser and leaves your taste buds addicted. The crunchy texture outside the corn adds to the enjoyment of the dish appealing to both kids and adults. Gave it a try already?

Chicken Lollypop

For non-veg enthusiasts, Chicken Lollipops are a great choice. The crispy golden brown coating over the tender meat along with the spicy and tangy flavor of the marinade is sure to satiate even the pickiest eaters. In the mood for something savory and flavorful? Panko Chicken and Dragon Chicken are great to go. Both delights are well-known to evoke a sense of indulgence as they are rich in flavors.

Looking for a dish that is both spicy and satisfying? Without a doubt, go for Schezwan Chilli Chicken. We know that it is a top favorite for many. The bold fiery flavor of the dish brings about fond memories of pleasant times spent together with family and friends at a restaurant.

At Wangs, we cater to the cravings of vegetarian enthusiasts too. There is more to the list which offers you a unique and flavorful dining experience. To name a few, our menu has Kung Pao Potato, Chilli & broccoli Oyster paneer , and Wangs Special Braised Mix Vegetables. What is stopping you? Come on in and have your palate dance to the tune of Wangs delights.

Kunf Pao Gravy

If you crave for a flavorful stirfry dish, Kung Pao Chicken is the best choice. It is a classic dish in Chinese cuisine that would comfort your cravings like no other. Wangs Kitchen’s Thai curry Momos will be of pure bliss to your taste buds. It is a combination of traditional dumplings with flavors of Thai curry. The savory fillings in Thai curry momos are a sure thing to excite your taste buds and might evoke your memories of festivals.


Here comes our star of the show- Noodles. At Wangs Kitchen, no meal is complete without these delicious strands of bliss. The aroma of our Stir-Fry Hakka Noodles, the sizzle of the pan, and the colorful mix of the crunchy veggies can easily transport you back in time. It gives you a sense of comfort and reminds you of home-cooked meals or of the good times you spent with your family at a Chinese restaurant. Also, the crispy noodles are topped with savory sauce – we call it the American Chopsuey. And we know it tops your list of favorites.

And we can’t resist from mentioning about our classic Fried Rice –especially the sizzle of the steamed rice stir-fried with vegetables and seasonings. This simple yet classic dish seasoned with the right amount of spices has been a beloved dish for many.

How can we not mention about desserts especially when talking about our good old days? Back then, desserts are the fun part and a luxury but they always had a special part in family dining. At Wangs, our Fried Ice Cream brings you a sense of sweet closure.

Wangs Kitchen, Chennai has been growing eager to take you through the nostalgic trip with our timeless classics. Join us as we are passionately recreating good old memories for our beloved customers. Come, dine in, and re-live your fond memories via food.