By Wangs Kitchen Updated 26-04-2023

Celebration Positive with Wangs

Our GOD (Good Old Days)

Do you remember celebrating our tiny wins as children by asking Mommy for a treat?
We want something special to eat when our friends or cousins come home. But someone had to take the effort to make all the preparations. Our day would end with a lot of sweet memories. If we recollect, we would also remember the food we ate then and how we enjoyed it with each other, how we split the portions and what happened when one of us wanted more of a particular dish. Good food gives good memories of our special moments in life. Such relishing food is now catered by the ALL NEW WANGS KITCHEN, THE INDO CHINESE RESTAURANT. Wangs believes in celebrating Life and, in fact, makes our celebrations taken care of with the best spread of Indo Chinese platter. Let’s leave it to Wangs to make our moments special like The Good Old Days.

Long Lost Friends

Meet your school and college friends at Wangs and recollect your childhood days when you loved eating Noodles with each other. Wangs will surprise you with its dishes and make more of such special memories for you and your friends even today! Catching up with all the happy and not-so-happy incidents, finally meeting them after many failed attempts to make sure all of you could find the time, these are the moments that will make us feel like ourselves again. And where else is a better place than Wangs that prioritises celebrations?

Exams, Holidays, Exams and Holidays

Board exams, Entrance exams,University exams, and so on. Exams after exams. When you get holidays, enjoy with your friends with Indo Chinese, what say? Because Wangs knows how you like your food, and can make you tiredness fly away with such good food and make your holiday celebration kick started! You may want to go back to Wangs to gear up for your reopening day because Wangs Food is Wangs Good.

Graduations and Farewells

Before you and your friends go separate ways in the stream of life, celebrate your graduation at Wangs. For only Wangs knows how important celebrations are. Grab some best Indo Chinese food along with a package of best memories of your graduation party!

Birthday-dresses, Birthday-gifts and Birthday-food

Celebrate your Birthday at Wangs and treat your friends with the Wangs-Good food that all your guests would enjoy. If you plan to celebrate at a special place, but if you want to have only your Wangs-Good food, how do you plan to make it happen? Okay, Cheers to you. Wangs will bring the food for you and your guests TO YOUR SPECIAL place. Wangs now takes Party Orders! Yayyy!

Special Some-time with the Special Someone

Meeting your special someone to know more about each other? Meet over some Indo Chinese at Wangs and know what dishes you both love the most in common. Guess each other’s favorites. Noodles or fried rice? Steamed Momo or Fried Momo? Wangs loves celebrations and you both may catch up at the same place for your anniversaries to relive the memories you make the first time! How about remembering each other’s favorites and ordering those dishes for your special person rightly, over the years?

Me-Time is a party-time

Tired of the work at home? All you dedicated homemakers should gather up with your ladies gang at Wangs and celebrate a day of comfort food. Who doesn’t need a break every now and then from the whole lot of chores to do or manage at home? If your friends are still stuck and can’t join you, but if you really need to have some Wangs Good food, then don’t wait to go there yourself or just order for home delivery. Celebrate your meal, life is to celebrate!

The ones you know like you know your fingertips

When did you catch up last with your siblings? Aren’t you all so fond of each other but just may not always express yourselves? Catch up soon at the one place that has all of your favorites, catch up at Wangs. Discuss about everything under the roof. Celebrate being siblings to each other and how much you know each other. And listen to them to know them more. Wangs food makes celebrations emotional with memories of the past and memories to create now.

Traditional Ceremony with a Fancy Feast, and there’s the Twist

Want to go fancy at your engagement party? How about serving from Wangs at your engagement? Sounds unreal? Wangs makes it real by undertaking orders for your engagement ceremony! All of your guests will bless you more when they eat the best food that stimulates emotions, and Wangs will do the trick for you. Celebrations are what Wangs is for!

Life is a Game but a Game feels like Life?

Football, cricket or tennis, try getting luck for your team with every bite from Wangs. And watch the goals falling in place, balls jumping boundaries and points getting added.

Must-have comfort during the IPL season

IPL matches can be very tense if CSK is on the field. Comforting Wangs food will ease out your nerves and help you celebrate the matches. Say Wangs; Bleed yellow. Pop up Wangs’ dessert for the wins. You will know that Wangs is a sentiment and is the right option to celebrate your sports sentiments. Your eyes would be happy to see the CSK players rock the match while your taste buds will thank you for acknowledging that.

Celebrations in front of your TV:

Are you binge watching Web Series? Or are you on a movie marathon? Or are you watching the new movie releases for the weekend? Imagine how better it would be if you indulged in Wangs Good food while keeping your eyes hooked on to your TV? Oh what a treat to yourself! Isn’t that a celebration?

Binge on Celebrations; More Celebrations will keep happening to you

Every day should be celebrated. Special occasions should be celebrated more. And every celebration calls for Wangs. Celebrations should be Wangs good.

Wangs is Celebration-Positive, Are You?

Be it personal party or a private party; catching up with life or beginning a future; IPL or FIFA; Starting something new or taking a break; a dressed up party or a pajama party. These are celebrations that Wangs believes in and makes them so dearly Wangs-Good. Celebrations can be possible only among those who choose to and are ready to celebrate. Wangs is always Celebration-Ready for you. Stay Celebration-Positive!